Wheels within Wheels – helps our Currency go round…

New Moray LETS loves circles and cycles. It’s in keeping with how our local currency works. It simply goes round and round the members, just like pass the parcel. All of it stays within the circle of members and as none of it goes ‘elsewhere’, it recycles forever. So it should be no surprise to you all that we have also developed our working practices in a circular manner too.

We manage our membership by electing a core group – the central ‘ring’ of people who organise our accounts, directories, administration, promotion and events. Nicola keeps a record of any cash transactions.

We produce 4 Directories per year to match the seasons. We time these carefully to promote our Trade Fairs and gatherings which are always around the Solstices and Equinoxes. (These are the times of the year when we feel most ‘sociable’ and when most social events occur across the world.)

By having a socially diverse Core Group we aim to more effectively represent the wider membership which helps us make better decisions.

Over the cycle of the year we meet every month to work together to maintain and develop the system. Johanna records what we agree.

During every seasonal cycle we carry out a carefully planned series of jobs which results in you receiving a seasonal directory around three weeks before each Trade Fair. (We have discovered over the years that this is the optimum notice period.) Too much notice and folk tend to forget, too little and folk have often made other plans.

Every Friday Mandy empties the LETS boxes and drops off their contents to Yvonne our Administrator who then records your Information into our central database. These include new membership forms, changes to your contact details, your offers and wants and of course all of your cheques. (She processes over 1,000 of these each season). Yvonne also deals with correspondence and creating and posting out replacement chequebooks. At the end of a seasonal cycle, she then audits the accounts and produces reports, statements and labels.

Stewart (Our Directory designer) collects news items and box ads throughout each cycle for publishing in the next directory and at the end of each cycle produces the Directory ready for printing.

At the same time Frances is busy planning and promoting the next Trade Fair (via Facebook). Frances also contacts any members without classified ads and those few members who may not have traded for a while.

When these tasks are completed, the Directory can be created and is then sent to Fiona (our Distribution Manger). Fiona photocopies the Directories at Aromantic, inserts your statements, labels and seals them ready for collating into bundles for each neighbourhood distributor to deliver.

Our team of distributors then deliver the Directories to folk in their own neighbourhoods and you receive in a nice yellow package your Seasonal Directory and updated personal statement.

Hopefully you feel informed, inspired, and come along to the Trade Fair to spend or earn to stay in balance. And then the cycle repeats again.. and again… and again. What goes round comes round.

Stewart Noble

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