Tips for Trading

“The early birds catch most worms”

If you want to earn LETS credits don’t just wait for folk to contact you, scan through the Wants list in the Newsletter and see how you can help your friends. Come to the quarterly NML Trade Fairs to meet other members so they know who you are and what you can do.

To increase demand for your offers:

  • Spend more – you’ll attract more demand. Remember you don’t need to earn credits before you spend them.
  • Be price specific – members who are not clear about the price they charge get fewer enquiries.
  • Try making your wording more attractive or change it occasionally.
  • Book a box ad in the Newsletter to stand out and get noticed.
  • Try different things at different times of the year or use different headings – remember you can have up to six ads in every issue.
  • Try lowering your price – increase it if you’re getting too much business.
  • Short term Wants and Offers can be written on postcards and pinned to the New Moray LETS noticeboard in Forres House Community Centre (free) or ask around.
  • Scan through your local Wants ads to see how you can help others and earn LETS. There’s always plenty to do.
  • If you are looking for a service, ask the member in biggest debit first – they are committed to give back and you’ll be helping them to keep their own account in balance and our whole system healthy.
Our top trader, Gordon, wins an award at the AGM

Our top trader, Gordon, wins an award at the AGM

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