To free ourselves and the rest of the world from the shackles of debt…

It is time to begin.
It is time to take back control of our economy.
It is time to stop wasting the tax payers’ money.
It is time to end the division between ‘the city’
and the rest of us.
It is time to stop the continued debasement
of our currency.
It is time to stop increasing the burden of debt on
the economy and future generations.
It is time to remove the fault from our monetary
and banking system.
It is time to return to a system where 100% of our deposits are actually stored in the bank.
Only then will we have confidence in the banks without having to maintain it;
Only then will we have returned integrity to our banking and monetary system.
Then we will once again have a system which rewards thrift not recklessness;
Then we can begin to heal the divisions within our society and throughout the world;
Then we can begin to convert the huge burden of debt that now exists to equity;
Then we can concentrate on building a collection of assets for future generations.

These are worthwhile objectives.
We can achieve them.
We need only to start.

John Tomlinson,
Statement at the Forum for Stable Currencies,

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