The Spice of Life

Diversity is the key to a really successful and healthy local community. This is as true in an economic system as it is in nature. Single large employers may be good news for local rural communities when they ‘come to town’ but they leave big scars behind when they disappear.

Traditional markets can disappear over-night as things change on a global playing field. The impact of internet shopping is now being really felt in our High Streets. Austerity too has had a deep impact. When there is less cash in circulation we all have less to spend and this has a knock on effect to everyone.

One of the great things about Lets is that it opens up the opportunity for folk to do lots of different things. I enjoy being a parent, a husband, a councillor, a marketing man, a musician, a gardener, an organiser, a technician, a guide, but I’d really hate to be doing just one all of the time.

Doing lots of different jobs promotes flexibility & creativity and that’s the best stress relief I know. Lessons learned in one activity are often transferable to another. So have a go at something new. It doesn’t have to be a major career move, just a few hours helping someone else in the neighbourhood. You might just like it. ☺

Lets reminds us that we receive what we give. Lets is not about something for nothing. Every time you exchange with lets you create a chain reaction of goodwill which travels around the local community. Everyone needs everyone else. The young need the knowledge and skills mastered by the old. The old need the physical drive and energy of the young. Academic folk often need practical folk and so on.

This local store of wealth is right here on our doorstep and it is being wasted by our ‘profit’ focussed fragmented societies and businesses. You don’t even need to be over 65 to feel redundant these days!

Bringing together different sides of our community has huge beneficial effects, quickly dispelling mistrust and the effects of social isolation. Healthy LETS systems are ‘actively inclusive’. That’s why we’re keen to attract younger members, pensioners, local producers and businesses as well as local groups and organisations. Everyone has something to offer in LETS, regardless of age, background, ability or qualification. All we ask is that you give and receive what you can, when you can and strive to keep your account in balance.

We believe that we have all of the knowledge, skills, energy, materials and property in Forres right here and right now to meet most, if not all, of our day to day needs. We only need a fair way to share what we already have. LETS provides you with that and in the last 18 years we have proven our resilience. We have logged over 120,000 transactions with an equivalent value of nearly £2,000,000. We have, together created a new community currency and helped local folk save their cash for other essential bills and payments. All Interest Free and without bank bailouts.
Stewart Noble

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