Paying to be Honest

Recently an envelope containing 3 months of lets credits was pinched from the LETS Box in Forres House. (We’ve now narrowed the slot). Because everyone knows each other we have already traced 123L of the 205L missing. Please check your stubs and let me know the amount of any Lets you paid to The Phoenix between July 31st and September 30th. I know that we’ll trace most if not all of them. Otherwise the system will cover their loss.

Some of the most successful lets traders phone other Lets members with offers of help. Gordon Rother joined just a few weeks ago and has been doing just that. In fact his balance went up so much he’s suggested giving the LETS he doesn’t need to local Charity.

So, we have opened a ‘Lets Community Chest’ for local good causes. Now you can choose to have any Lets payment made to The Community Chest. At every future annual general meeting, you can propose worthy local causes and the membership will vote for them. A kind of democratic voluntary community tax without a fat cat in sight! Nice one Gordon.

We are also indebted to computer wizard, Jeremy Perron who worked with me ‘till dawn fixing some bugs in the software. We hope to have this finished by next year to help other Lets Community groups administer their system accounts more quickly and accurately. The LETS team Alison, Frances, Claire and George also deserve your thanks. A lot of directories have now to be produced and most of them delivered by hand to save your £’s. Our Christmas Event promises to be a real cracker so please come along, bring the kids, trade, have fun and support everyone’s efforts.

There’s a lot of work behind the scenes, much of it still voluntary. This just would not happen if it were not for your support, enthusiasm and encouragement. Thankyou worthwhile.

Stewart Noble

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