Outer Limits…

Our local LETS network continues to grow so we’re at the point where we need to consider it’s future development. As with most organisations, the majority of our members are managing to find ways to exchange well. Identifying new skills that are valued by others and discovering new local friends to provide them with the support and help that they need.

However a few members are finding that they are accumulating credits or debits and are struggling to keep their accounts in balance. Some can give but find it hard to receive. Some need a lot of support but have difficulty finding ways to give back. Help them.

Trading with Lets is just like breathing. A little in – a little out. Often… Get this wrong and you could choke! We don’t want that.

To help avoid this we are introducing new limits on balances. Members can now trade up to 250 Lets (+ or -) or 10% of their turnover to date. This means that you have in effect, interest free credit up to 250L. You are actively discouraged from ‘hoarding’ credits, to ensure that the currency flows. Cheques will be returned if you exceed your limits. If you need help just phone any member of the LETS team.

We’re also considering two editions of the LETS Directory – one for West Moray and one for East. Otherwise the directories become too big to produce and trading partners too distant. We want to promote ‘local’ sustainability too and this we feel will help to achieve this. Let us know what you think – just pop a note in the box.

Stewart Noble

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