Only the Beginning…

Join LETS they were saying, and get that job done
You don’t need no cash, and you’ll have lots of fun
But that can’t be right I said, how do I pay?
If it isn’t with cash, then what other way?
Fill in the form they said, pay a tiny subscription
And list all your needs with a simple description
Then add in some detail about what you can do
Like doing someone’s garden and hairdressing too
You’ll receive a directory, listing entries from all
To arrange your transaction, just give them a call
But I can’t do anything, I said with a sigh
That’s nonsense they said, Just give it a try
What about shopping and use of your van
Cooking and cleaning or a handyman
Cutting up firewood, baby-sitting too
Walking the dog or plumbing the loo
Washing the car and a body massage
Or something quite crafty like … decoupage
Re-potting houseplants, a tent you can share
Taking up hems or a simple repair
The list is quite endless of what you could do
And the services offered would benefit you
It’s fair and it’s simple, what more can I say?
To share our resources, just join LETS today

Jacqui James

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