One. Two.. Three…

onetwothreeWe are now entering our eighth trading quarter since our launch in Spring 1997. What started as a heartfelt need to address the madness of money has evolved to become one of the most dynamic LETSystems in Europe. The full facts and figures behind this success story are revealed in our annual report on page 7. Come along to our first AGM on Saturday 13th to hear the full story, ask questions and share ideas.

There is now over 67,000 LETS circulating around our membership of 206 local folk – all of which will remain in our local community to be shared again and again. In all nearly 6,000 transactions have taken place. The numbers themselves however do not measure the amazing amount of Trust and Goodwill which you have created. I’ve lost count of the number of times members have expressed how much interest-free LETS has changed their lives and relationships.

Our launch was timed to harness the uplifting energy of spring when we all ‘wake up’ and shake off the winter blues. It’s now time for spring cleaning and planning ahead.

The daffodil which trumpets Springs arrival was chosen as our emblem. (That’s why New Moray LETS uses yellow stationery.) Just like daffodils the time has now come to divide and multiply. Inverness and Elgin are now ready to develop their own local networks. In time they too will blossom and seed other Local Exchange Trading Systems.

Stewart Noble

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