New Moray LETS helps flood victim

The recent floods which devastated parts of the town has brought suffering and ongoing hardship to many. New Moray LETS member Carmen Weaver was amongst the victims. Having newly bought her house next to the Mosset burn, Carmen had not yet insured it!

However she utilised the new LETS system and quickly enlisted the help of other members. Even though she had no LETS credits Carmen knew that she could write as many credit notes as required to ‘pay’ for essential repairs. Furthermore it is interest free.

Joinery and electrical work, gardening and decorating were quickly carried out by other LETS members keen to help. In turn they were each rewarded with credits which they could then exchange with other members of the scheme.

Carmen in turn ‘paid off’ her commitment by weeding for EarthShare who were also desperately needing extra help. So everyone has benefited and a potential financial disaster has been avoided.

Stewart Noble

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