Money Matters

Local Exchange Trading is an old idea which was once practiced across the entire world. In recent times the ’money changers’ took control of our countries currencies and with the introduction of interest and ‘fractional reserve banking’ they now sell our units of currency back to us at a substantial profit in the form of punitive ‘interest’ repayments.

Globalisation and the collapse of local indigenous groups and rural communities quickly followed with entire continents now trapped in debt slavery. At the start of this new millennium most of us now work for our entire lives to repay back this loan plus interest.

Britain is now One Trillion pounds in debt to the Worlds Banks and we all pay handsomely for the privilege. That’s a very big number. Over 1,000,000,000,000 or a million millions. When divided between all inhabitants of the country it means that you are each now £40,000 in debt. And your children now inherit the cost of this debt the moment they are born.

As they grow they must be groomed to compete for their share as there are simply not enough shares to go around. While some may earn surpluses, most will be left with the deficits.

Even though you haven’t personally borrowed or ‘bought’ this loan, your suppliers most certainly have and they recoup this cost by adding it on to the price of virtually everything you buy.

All of the money and all of the debts in this world add up to zero. The only way for some to have more is for others to have less. That’s why selling debt has never been so competitive in the UK.

As banker Mayer Rothschild is once reputed to have said, “Give me control of a nations money, and I care not who writes the laws.”

Stewart Noble

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