Lets Sels Sea Shells

Remember that story about the French TV documentary in which many of our local lets members featured? Well, a recent article in Lets Link UK newsletter explained what that was all about.

Earlier this year 3 SEL members (French LETS) were being taken to court in France by their local landlord and trades association. (In France most trades are much more expensive than here due to costly training regimes and controls.) One member couldn’t afford to repair her roof so she asked a Lets friend to do the job for which he was paid in local currency.

The courts ruled that trading in local currency was illegal. As part of the public interest in the case, French TV interviewed similar successful schemes in Scotland, including the PigLets scheme at a primary school near Huntly, The Lets Make it Better Project in Stirling for folk with mental health problems and New Moray Lets. The documentary provoked a public outcry, the ruling was overturned and thousands of French people have signed up to join their local system.! Act local, think Global.

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