LETS Ideas Bank

(A FREE Bank which stimulates your interest)

Stuck for ideas on how to earn LETS?

Form a ‘LETSHit Team’ with friends to offer specialised services – Garden Hit Team, Spring Cleaning Hit Team, Decorating Hit Team etc. How about offering a Re-cycling service collecting waste, cans, bottles and Restoration? – “Where there’s muck, there’s money”. How about a Clothes Boutique in Forres? Collect, clean, repair and re-cycle. Organise a LETSEvent and charge LETS for your time and work. How about LETSMunch, LETSCeileidh, LETSing, LETSEatItalian. LETSTravel etc – We’ll help you to organise and promote it. You don’t need £’s to do this as everything and everyone you need is within these pages. Share it with a friend. LETS just DO IT.

Stewart Noble

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