Learning from Geese… Yes, we can learn a lot from Geese!

Lesson 1: Fly Together
It’s truly a marvellous site to see a group of geese flying together above us in perfect V formation. Research has shown that as each goose flaps its wings an intense uplift is created for the birds behind them. Further studies state that this “teamwork” adds 71% more flying range compared to a goose flying on its own. Moral: Partnerships and teamwork rule the day. If you surround yourself with excellent people you’re far more likely to succeed than if you attempt to go at it alone.
Lesson 2: Stay in formation
If you’ve ever watched geese fly, you’ve likely seen one fall out of formation. And when this happens the fallen away goose begins to struggle mightily until it manages to fight its way back into formation. Moral : Once you’ve established a good team stay together and work together. Sure, times will get tough and you may become annoyed with one another from time to time… but synergy cannot be created by a single person working in isolation.
Lesson 3: Rotate
While flying in V formation the lead goose eventually tires and rotates to the back of the pack to re-charge their battery while another goose takes its place at the front. Moral: It’s important to share the load amongst team members. It’s also important to ensure that all workers are cross trained and able to perform multiple tasks.
Lesson 4: Honk
While it’s not always possible to hear from the ground, geese are a noisy bunch when flying in V formation. There are several theories of why this is. One theory is the geese honk to encourage each other… while another theory hypothesizes the honking is used to communicate where each goose is. You know, hurry up pal (honk, honk) I’m right on your feathers. Moral : No matter the reason for geese honking, it goes without saying that we should always communicate with one another offering encouragement as needed. We should also have ways to communicate when something is not right.
Lesson 5: Leave no Goose Behind
Whenever a goose becomes unable to fly (becomes sick, gets a bullet in the belly, etc.) two other geese fall out of formation and stay with their fallen comrade until the impaired goose is able to fly or dies. Moral : The best groups I’ve ever been in were made of people who genuinely cared for each other and would always help each other out no matter the situation. So, please look out for those in debit and help them earn. Equally help those in credit to spend. It’s just a game of give and take and both are essential for our common well being. It seems that geese figured this out a long time ago and haven’t forgotten.

Stewart Noble  (Honk Honk) x

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