Keeping our system healthy

Many LETS systems have complicated rules and credit controls to stop members abusing the system or going into too much commitment. We believe that there’s nothing to replace Trust and Goodwill. After all, everyone in New Moray LETS is a neighbour and a friend (or a friend of a friend).

You can help by offering jobs to members in biggest commitment (debit) – after all they’ve created the most credits for others. Check members balances before choosing who to call.

Greed and scarcity are the qualities which drive the £ world economy. Because there’s no interest attached to LETS there’s no ‘reward’ for accumulating them. So spend them and pass them on. There’s certainly no scarcity of work around. After all, we all need help with something, sometime.

When you spend credits you are actually creating the local money which circulates round the system – forever. And what goes around comes around – Remember? Give and take.

Since we launched in June you’ve already created over 6,000 LETS. That’s the equivalent of around £6,000 you’ve already saved. The system turnover has trebled since the last directory and members have increased by nearly 50%. Thanks to YOU.

Abundance is no longer a concept but a reality for us All to Share.”

Stewart Noble

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