Following that Yellow Brick Road…

A lot of folk have asked why New Moray LETS stationery is yellow. On a practical level it helps keep the paperwork separate from other projects and makes it easily accountable. Your LETS Directory was also designed to be like a local yellow pages. Remember? – Let your fingers do the walking?. All it takes is a local phone call to get help when you need it. You don’t even need to have any spare £’s – just the willingness to help someone else in return.

Golden Yellow is the colour of the sun. It represents Abundance (The golden crops burst with the energy of the summer sun). We really can live an abundant life, here in Moray, right now. We already have all of the resources, land, buildings, tools, places and things we need. More importantly, collectively we have all of the people, skills, knowledge and ability to achieve almost anything.

How many worthy local projects fail because of a lack of funds or lack of interest? Despite the National Lottery, future funding cutbacks are bound to have a continued impact on local organisations on which our community relies. The voluntary sector is experiencing a worrying decline in volunteers. This currently ‘employs’ more people in the UK than any other sector. Shortage of time and £’s is having its effect here too.

Lack of cash has always been a major burden to rural areas. More especially around Forres where, for far too long now we’ve been one of the worst unemployment black spots in Scotland. Those who are still employed are doing so on shorter term contracts or are being asked to work even harder to make ends meet. They are often understandably too busy to ‘live well’ or to get involved in important local initiatives. Although our local enterprise trust and business community work hard at creating sustainable employment they have always fallen far short of their projected promise (despite the £M’s this has cost us all in various forms of taxation). LETS systems do not require yet another business park – just good relationships and fair exchange between local people.

The golden yellow of the sun is the colour of the source of all life and symbolises Inspiration and Direction. At this time of the year, it’s everywhere. Daffodils and yellow crocuses herald the new year, when life wakes up from its winter sleep (or snooze). New Moray LETS was launched at this time last year to embrace the energy of Spring. And just like daffodils, we’ve grown and spread naturally to become just like ‘that veritable host’.

This is the time when we too wake up and get busy. Spring cleaning, preparing the garden, fixing things, decorating, getting ready for summer.

These jobs are always more fun in the company of friends. What jobs do you need done? Make a list now and let your fingers do the walking through your New LETS Directory.

Stewart Noble

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