A View from the Hill…

The Autumn season started with the unthinkable happening. The terrible destruction of the Worlds Trade Centre and the resulting deaths of so many revealed the ultimate consequences of economic polarity.

Is it just coincidence that the tragedy happened the day after the World Bank announced global recession? Or was it just that both extremes had reached the end of their respective tether at the same time? Whatever, the world has changed, I’m told. We even have a new editor for the Forres Gazette!

The media has had a field day of course and with the lack of footage suitable for family viewing have resorted to focussing on anything remotely to do with the war. They now want to know all about LETS. Is there another way? How can it work without money?

The Big Issue were first off their mark with a double page spread. Shortly afterwards BBC Scotland wanted to cover this project. It was shown three times throughout the day and it seems that everyone who has ever known me had seen it. My mum is proud at last.

I haven’t had any phone calls from Hollywood yet but I reckon that Gordon Rother (who was the star of the piece) could get a job modelling false teeth. Expect more, positive media attention over the next six months. The Sunday Herald may visit during the Christmas Trade Fair for some more of your stories.

Thanks to an anonymous donor we now have a cash free supply of postage stamps. We are therefore posting out most of the Directories. They should get to you sooner without any hitches. Thanks to all of the distributors who have walked their streets delivering your Directories for just .25L each.

We only need to set up an exchange with a local printer and New Moray LETS will be almost entirely cash free. It has taken nearly 5 years for us to achieve this but if we can do it any local organisation can. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication of course and your Core Group (who still share the LETS income of just 5L/hr each) have done a brilliant job. I hope all of your stockings are full this Christmas : )

Stewart Noble

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