A Question of Balance

There’s just one mechanic for every 10 Aromatherapists, but he’s the sweetest smelling mechanic in town.

A few folk have drawn attention to the fact that there’s much more offers than wants in each Directory. It’s is interesting to know that most of us feel we have more to offer than want from each other. Without both however there can be no true exchange. For every debit there is a credit.

One of the great things about Lets systems is that all of the Lets you create continues to circulate around all of the members of the system, forever. (You’ve already created over 40,000 of them through around 4,000 exchanges.)

All of the currency stays local. The big difference is that there’s no interest to pay or to be paid so there’s no point in accumulating tokens. There is however, every reason to trade in Lets (Local Exchange Tokens). There’s a growing choice of local things and services available from people nearby and its easier to share with friends and neighbours.

Every one in Lets is a friend or a friend of a friend. That’s how people join. This also explains why there is so much Trust and Goodwill in the system.

Since we started there has not been one single ‘bad debt’ caused by someone leaving the system or stopping trading without first balancing their account to zero. Everyone would know if they had.

Openness and transparency are key features of New Moray Lets. That’s why we publish balances and turnover as well as the system accounts. It allows you, the members, the opportunity to give work to those who need it most, (those in biggest debit). Or to offer your services to those with most Lets (those with biggest credit). We become a Community of people really working together for the benefit of each other.

Stewart Noble

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