• Local exchange can act as a focus for community, building bonds between people, facilitating friendships and encouraging self-reliance.
  • Local exchange can facilitate recycling of materials within the community;
    clothes, containers for home produce, aluminium for fund-raising, books, sports
    equipment and furniture.
  • Local exchange can enable people to buy locally produced food, a reminder
    that supermarkets are not the only way.
  • Local exchange can give people access to tools and expertise to enable
    goods to be repaired and reused rather than thrown away, a reminder that new
    is not necessarily better.
  • Local exchange can make goods and services that are labour intensive rather
    than resource intensive accessible to far more people. This allows work to be
    carried out which would have been abandoned through lack of cash resources.
  • Local exchange can help the community employ artists and musicians, often
    beyond the reach of ordinary people, enhancing quality of life.
  • Local exchange gives people an opportunity to take action locally without
    feeling that they have to wait for the global economy to embrace sustainable
  • Local exchange can help to make local economies more self-contained. This
    means that currency circulates locally, bringing benefits to local traders and
    suppliers, retaining jobs and profits locally, and encouraging skills and expertise
    to be retained.
Quotes from LETS members

“It feels good not having to say that I can’t afford it”

“I’d rather work for all of my friends than a single boss”

“Now when I walk down the street, I meet so many other LETS folk, I feel I belong”

“There’s so much mistrust when money is involved”

“I feel good knowing that all of the LETS I earn and spend remain in the local community”

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